Primary Teacher Training Overview

Children after completing their Ist five years of age are admitted in a primary school. The children during this stage of Primary schooling develop many distinctive mental & physical attributes which require proper nurturing.
School plays an important role in harnessing the child’s mental & physical faculties in the primary classes. During these 5 years they become curious to know the world around them. They come across many new concepts & terms. They start developing a sense of appreciation for a number of phenomena that get added to their repertoire and their thinking process also gets activated. Children start showing areas of their interest.

Because of these formative years, it becomes necessary to cultivate their physical & mental skills in the right perspective. Primary schools, therefore, require properly trained teachers who can nourish the 360 degree development of the children. Keeping these things in mind, EduCraft has developed the need based curriculam, comprising of Primary school teachers for training of primary school teachers.

Career Prospects

The main aim of this course is to train teachers for the primary classes. However, depending upon the attitudes & aptitude of the person trained through this course, the following avenues will also be available to them:

  • Working as counsellor
  • Setting up & running of primary schools.
  • Working as remedial teachers
  • Opening tuition or coaching centre
  • Taking up jobs in foreign countries as teachers.

Additional Benefit from EduCraft

EduCraft proudly serves the teacher training programs for every possible aspects to everyone