Nursery Teacher Training Program Overview

Nursery Teachers have a substantial impact when it comes to encouraging the learning & development of young children. Nursery Teachers play a crucial role in delivering an appropriate experience for young children who have varied learning needs.
An aspiring nursery teacher needs to be thoroughly trained to work with young children in order to develop the sensibilities.
Because a Nursery Teacher helps in the smooth transition between home & play school by providing love & care and at the same time maintaining the natural rhythm of the young children.

To become a nursery teacher one has to cultivate patienceand be sensitive to a child’s need.
Its important that Nursery Teachers must possess a pleasing personality and his/her manners have to be child friendly. Unfolding of a young child begins in a nursery classes and all the Nursery Students need the nurture&care from trained nursery teachers, who play a very important role in facilitating growth and learning of a child.

Importance of the NTT Course:

EduCraft Institute of Education’s Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training provides a platform for aspiring as well as professional nursery teachers to enable child centric learning through:

  • Story Telling
  • Rhyming
  • Games and Play

The Nursery Teacher Training Course helps the nursery teachers to learn the techniques of planned teaching through experiments& play. If one loves to help young children & give them a prodigiousstart in life, then with good teacher training one can pursue a career as a nursery teacher.
A nursery teacher needs to be creative and flexible with a focus on optimum child development. The NTT (Nursery Teacher Training Course) will be extremely beneficial for all those eyeing a career in this emerging area of education as a nursery teaching professional.

Career Prospects:

The main aim of this course is to train teachers for the Nursery classes. However, depending upon the attitudes & aptitude of the person trained through this course, the following avenues will also be available to them:

  • Nursery teacher in Public Schools
  • Adult Education Center
  • Open your own Play way school
  • Working with NGO’s, Art & Craft Teacher

Additional Benefit from EduCraft

EduCraft proudly serves the teacher training programs for every possible aspects to everyone