Franchise Announcement

EduCraft is the leading Institute in Noida/NCR to offer NTT, NPTT business opportunities through franchising. In recognition of our strong and well proven franchising efforts, EduCraft is Growing throughout India. EduCraft franchisees are offered the following advantages:

  • Higher chances of success
  • Established trademark
  • Transfer of management expertise
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Joint advertising and promotion
  • Training and support services

The unique advantages of joining EduCraft franchise are as follow:

  • Association with a unique corporate identity
  • Best Operational guidance
  • Balance and well-integrated curriculum
  • Academic and Technical support
  • Professional Teacher Training Program
  • Continuous research and development

EduCraft has currently several franchisees located across Noida/NCR offering.

EduCraft is also planning to expand the franchising programme overseas and is confident of providing our franchisees with a good head-start and excellent chances of success.

We have various flexible and customized franchise options. Contact us to know more.